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If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or building a home from scratch, one of the decisions you may be faced with is what type of bathtub you would like in your new space. Often, with a new construction, the builder is the one who makes that call, but now, with such a wide variety of tubs available, many homeowners are the ones making the choice. Sometimes, the tub type is determined by the types of bathrooms chosen for the home to go with a certain style. Other times, however, it can be difficult to choose because there are so many different types of bathtubs available. So, how does one choose the perfect bathtub for their home?

If you are remodeling your bathroom, sometimes just updating your existing bathtub is enough. Depending on the type you currently have, bathtub refinishing may be an option. If you live in South Florida, our company is the best option. There are also different types of bathtub faucets that you can select to give your bath a new look at a relatively cheap price.

If, however, buying a new bathtub is what you decide there are many options to consider.

When choosing a bathtub type, it is important to have a clear picture in mind for the purpose of your new tub. Consider whether its main use will be for functionality, relaxation, or you may want both. For instance, if you have an elderly person, or someone who doesn’t get around very well living with you, you may choose to install a walk in bathtub. This type of tub is more functional than its decorative counterparts, but it can truly ease the struggle of taking a bath for someone who has mobility issues. If a luxury bathroom retreat is your main goal, just deciding that you want a whirlpool tub isn't enough because there are actually many different hot tub types.

So what are the types of bathtubs available? Bathtub types can be defined by the materials used to construct them or by their style. The material used to make the bathtub and the style of the bath are two of the most important factors to consider.

What are bathtubs made of? There are many different bathtub materials available. Acrylic bathtubs are probably the most common type, since they are relatively durable, easy to care for, and the least expensive. Tubs can be constructed of metals as well, such as cast iron bathtubs (for example, the popular marie louise bathtub) and steel bathtubs. Porcelain on steel bathtubs are an example where there are 2 layers used to make the tub to give it the durability of metal with a smooth finish.

Bathtub styles vary widely from placement of the tub to its function. Recessed tubs (or a recess bathtub), corner bathtubs, and all types of freestanding tubs (such as a claw foot bathtub), have a specific place that they must go and will not work with certain bathroom types or designs. Other bathtub examples based on function include a garden tub, soaking tubs, and whirlpool bathtubs.

Another important consideration when choosing a bathtub type is where you want to put your new tub. Do you want it to be freestanding, like many roman and claw footed tubs are, or do you want your tub to be a built in and put it in a corner or alcove? This can make a huge difference in what tub you ultimately choose. For instance, part of the beauty of having a Roman bathtub is the exterior design of it, so to choose one of these types of tubs, only to give it an enclosure can be not only a waste of money, but can cause your new retreat to look anything but restful. If you would like an enclosure type of tub, consider a drop in style, which doesn’t have a decorative exterior.

The last thing to consider is whether or not you’ll be having a separate shower enclosure, or if you want your tub to do double duty as a bathtub and shower. Often, when you want your tub to also serve as a shower, you will find that it affects the type of bathtub that you choose.

Retail stores sale all types of bathtubs. Bathtubs at Home Depot and Lowes, once purchased, have the option for home delivery and installation for an extra fee. This can be a very valuable service, as hiring a professional will save you hours of time and guarantee that the tub is correctly in place. They also sell top brand names, such as Kohler. Another advantage to buying a new bathtub from a retail store is that there are sink, toilet, and shower types to perfectly match the color and style.

Whether you’re considering working with the space you have and choose a garden tub, or you’re looking for a freestanding bathtub made of cultured marble, you will find that there are so many different bathtub styles available that it can be difficult to make a choice. But ultimately, the decision is a matter of personal preference and the space you have to work with.





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