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We are specialized in refinishing of:

* Bathtubs
* Tile
* Sinks
* Shower Areas
* Kitchen
* Counter Tops

...And any other surfaces as:

* Ceramic
* Porcelain
* Tile
* Formica
* Marble-lite
* Fiberglass
* Acrylic, and others

Re-finishing with our company is a great process because is done with the right materials and techniques.
We have the personnel, equipment, licenses, insurances and support necessary to provide with personalized services and become and integral part of your maintenance and repair programs.

+(305) 218-4201.

To save money:

If you want a new look for your bathroom, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars remodeling, then refinishing is your best value. With our refinishing, you only pay a small fraction of the cost of replacement.

To save time:

Refinishing a tub can take as little as four hours. You can shower or use your bathtub the very next day.


Refinishing can match nearly any color. Since most of us have purchased previously owned homes that were decorated according to someone else’s preferences, it’s probably not exactly the way you’d like it to be.


Refinished tubs or ceramic tiles with our company can easily last 5 years or more with proper maintenance. Refinishing is also great for repairing small chips and cracks, making it ideal for fixtures that are otherwise in good condition. Our professional restorers guarantee their work. So be sure to ask about warranties when shopping for a refinisher.

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