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Are the tiles in your walls, cracked or faded or different colors? No matter the location, old tiles are a quick way to lower the value of your property. Our teams are experts in tile refinishing. Refinishing tiles instead of replacing them is a far quicker, less invasive, more economical way to breathe new life into your living spaces.

Tile refinishing is a dream come true, its affordable, there is no demolition, the re-glazing process is simple and stress free.

Having a grout problem? No problem!!! We can re-grout your tiles and deep clean them to get rid of that unsightly mold, mildew and water stains. We also can acid wash your floors back to a like new Condition. Tile refinishing is a favorite for our customers no longer having to scrub the grout lines and never having to re-grout your walls again is just some of the reasons why tile refinishing is a favorite.

The products we use in our tiles resurfacing are mildew and stain resistant. This translates into effortless maintenance while at the same time eliminates mildew build-up so clean up will be a breeze. Call us for a FREE no obligation estimate.

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